Show me tell me questions

During Your Practical Driving Test You Will Be Asked Two Vehicle Safety Questions Before you start your driving test examiner will ask you one “tell me question”. This is where you would explain how you would carry out a safety task. During your test, your examiner will ask you a “show me question”. This is …

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Anticipation is a key aspect of driving. Good drivers can anticipate the actions of other road users. They have the ability to work out what might happen next, and take action before it happens. 1. Observation A pedestrian is walking straight ahead along the pavement to your left. You notice that they look over their right …

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Adequate Clearance

Adequate clearance while driving will keep you and people around you safe. Don’t forget MSPSL You need good anticipation skills for the manoeuvres that follow. Always follow the MSPSL routine:Mirror – Signal – Position – Speed – Lookwith the ‘Look’ element broken down into its LADA constituents:Look – Assess – Decide – Act Clearance to the sides …

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