Top Tips to Pass your Driving Test

Top tips to pass your driving test

Top Tips To Pass Your Driving Test…

Learning to drive and passing your driving test is time consuming and expensive investment. Its a life long skill so make sure to learn it thoroughly with right driving school. It can cost you fortune if you don’t do your research before you choose your driving school. We know you want to learn as quick as possible and if you are learning with Acceler8 Driving School we want you to pass with less lessons as possible. These are some of the tips that will help you save some money and help you pass your driving test as quick as possible.

Right Driving Instructor

Before your jump into the car to learn to drive, do your research about the driving school and driving instructor. Ask your friends and family members. Read the reviews if they have any online. Choosing a right driving instructor could save your money and time. Make sure he/she is not a trainee PDI and local to you.

Enough lessons

Make sure you have had enough lessons before you book your test. Ask your instructor before you book your test. Their is no point in giving your test if your instructor think you not ready for the test. They know the driving test standard better than you. Every Student is different. Some students need more lessons, some needs less, its just depends on individuals ability. According to DVSA on average it take 45 hours of lessons with driving instructor and 22 hours with Friends or Families to learn to drive.

Take Regular Lessons

Taking lessons regularly without having gaps will make you learn to drive quickly. Study suggest taking 1.5 to 2 hours lessons every week will help your learn quicker.

Keep you nerves under control

Its normal everyone would get nervous about their driving test. Examiners knows you will be nervous they will do their best to calm you down.

  • Don’t book your test when you have any other pressure eg: College/University exams.
  • Make sure you have had enough sleep before the test.
  • Don’t look what examiners is Marking. He might just be making some notes.
  • During the test you can talk to examiner.If you not sure about anything just ask. Keep the conversation simple. You don’t want to get distracted and they don’t want it either.

Tricky Roundabouts and Junctions

Make sure you have mastered your control skills and driving skills. There might be some confusing roundabouts and junctions near your test center, It would be useful  if you familiarize them with your driving instructor.

Stick to the Car

Use the car in which you have been practicing the most. If you have been practicing in  family/friends car and instructors car, we would advice you to use instructors car because that would be insured and up to the standard for the test.

Don’t tell anyone about your Driving Test

Telling everyone when you have scheduled your test is not a wise move. Don’t talk to anyone about your test. Not only you put pressure on yourself to pass but there is a good chance they will share their horror stories with you. Only share once you have passed.

Arrive early at the test centre 

You might not be able to go early inside the test centre. Most of the test centres allow only 5-7 minutes before the test, But stay close to the test centre so you end up rushing to the test.

Don’t drive too Slow or too Fast

Always drive according to the road condition and situation. Driving too slow would affect other drivers around you and driving faster then the legal speed limit would result into breaking the law and would fail your driving test.

Check Mirrors effectively

Effective mirror checks is part of learning to drive and be safe. You should be aware of people around you at all times. Make sure every time you change your speed or direction you check your mirrors.

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