too many exits on the roundabout?

too many exits on the roundabout

Roundabouts in Leicester

how to read roundabout sign?

Why this roundabout sign has too many exits?

Can anyone guess how many exits are there on this roundabout?

We hardly come across this type of signs on the roundabout. It looks like there are too many exits on the roundabout. When i was learning to drive years ago i don’t think i came across this type of sign. It’s confusing and not many people get it correct. Even during the driving lessons when i ask students to read this sign, they think there are too many exits on this roundabout. 

Lets see what this sign is all about.

At first glance at this sign, it looks like there are so many exits on this roundabout. Looks like Leicester is the 4th exist, but in fact it’s a 3rd exit. 

Why is that?

When you look at the above picture, the stubs which I have circled in red are not exits. The stubs are there to inform you that the road on the left and right from the roundabout is a dual carriageway. 

So how do you recognize that?

Stubs are usually exits, but in this picture they are not. In this picture the stubs which are not exits are directly next to and parallel with the true exits. So when you see them in a pair, it is counted as one exit thus making Leicester as 3rd exit.

This explanation should clear your doubts and next time when you come across this type of sign, you should be able to figure out whether its an exit or not.

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